Cable Calculator (IEC 60364-5-52)

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Switch Board:
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Load Title:
Load Data:
No. of phases:
Load power (KW):
Percent of load harmonic (%):
Short circuit duration (sec):
Power factor:
Max voltage drop (Δu %):
In(A) (cable protection):
Cable Data:
No. of layers(Cable arrangement):
Number of cable runs per phase:
Cable arrangement:
Adjuscent cables:
Arrangement(cables touching):
Method of instalation(F method):
Method of instalation(E method):
Selected Cable:
K2 [adjuscent derating factor]:
Ktot[total derating factor]:
Iz(A) [cable derated capacity]:
Cable Resistance (Ω/M):
IN [Neutral current]:
K3 [soil thermal resistivities factor]:
Kh[hoarmonic derating factor]:
I0(A) [cable nomined capacity]:
Short circuit capacity of cable (KA):
Cable Reactance (Ω/M):
Phase/PE Short circuit current (KA):